LICAP Technologies

The leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors and lithium-ion capacitors

Licap ultra capacitors provide power on demand.

LICAP is the manufacturer of Activated Dry Electrode,  premium quality ultracapacitors/supercapacitors, and lithium-ion capacitors

LiCap Ultracapacitors and Ultracapacitor Modules


LICAP is an Intelligent Control Solutions provider with many specialized applications.

Modules for Wind energy UPS, Datacenter/Telecom UPS, and Audio Amplifiers

Cars, Trucks, Off-Road & Motorsports

16V 58F ultracapacitor wind turbine pitch module.

Start/Stop, Regenerative Braking, Heavy Duty Starter Batteries, Lightweight Motor Start Solutions.

Premium Ultracapacitors

LICAP 3000F Ultracapacitor along with LICAP 350F Ultracapacitor

LICAP offers a world leading blend of performance and innovation.  The key element is our industry leading electrode.


Led by the industry leader in ultracapacitor design, Dr. Linda Zhong, LICAP holds the IP for the  most advanced ultracapacitor electrode manufacturing technology, the activated dry method, which significantly reduces manufacture cost and surpasses all other electrode methods in electrical and life performance by over 60%. Dr. Zhong has also invented multiple Lithium metal attachment methods for Li-ion battery or Li-ion capacitor anodes, which promotes a fast Li-dope process and provides a precise dope amount. 

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We have offices in California in Hayward and Sacramento.  We design and manufacture ultracapacitor electrode material in Sacramento.  Our plants in Tianjin, China assemble the ultracapacitors and modules.  

LICAP Technologies, Inc.

9795 BUSINESS PARK DRIVE, Sacramento, CA 95827, US

+1 (916) 329-8099 Manufacturing +1 (916) 538-6743 Sales and Customer Service