160V 6F Ultracapacitor Module

LOW ESR at 200mΩ

Why the LICAP 160V 6F ultra capacitor module is ahead of the competition:

We start with premium LICAP 350F ultracapacitors that have low DC ESR and long life.  

Lower ESR capacitors in series creates a module that has low ESR.

Low ESR modules create less heat during operation and last longer.


  • Wind Power Pitch
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Power System


  • One Million Cycles Lifetime  
  • High Power Density
  • Semi-voltage monitoring
  • Wide operating temperature range


Capacity--Nominal capacity--6F

Capacity tolerance--0/+20%

Voltage--Rated voltage--160V DC

Surge voltage--171V DC

Internal resistance--ESR(Initial)--200 m Ω

Current--Maximum leakage current--25mA(25℃,After 72 hours)

Maximum continuous current--13A

Maximum peak current--214A

Energy--Stored energy (Estored)--21.9Wh

Energy density (Emax)--4.2Wh/kg

Power density--Power density (Pmax)--6309W/kg

Temperature features--Temperature range of operation  -40~+65℃

Temperature range of storage. -40 +70℃

Monitor--Monitoring--Half Voltage Monitoring--Voltage Signals

Service Lifetime--Lifetime under normal temperature Operated over 10years under 25℃ at rated voltage

Change in capacity -- ≤20%

Change in internal resistance  -- ≤100%

Lifetime under high temperature After operated for 1500h under 65℃ at rated voltage

Change in capacity -- ≤20%

Change in internal resistance -- ≤100%

Storage lifetime--4 years (under the highest storage temperature, uncharged)

Cycling test--1 million cycles between rated voltage and half rated voltage at 25°C with constant current

Change in capacity -- ≤20%

Change in internal resistance -- ≤100%


Safety--Insulation resistance--500V DC

Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ

Insulation intensity--5600V DC

Leakage current ≤10mA

Protection level--IP54

Mechanical vibration

Operation vibration--GB/T 11287-2000

Transportation vibration--GB/T 4798.2-2008

Impact--GB/T 14537-1993

LICAP Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium ultracapacitors/supercapacitors and ultracapacitor/supercapacitor modules.

LiCAP 160V 6F Module  with 200 mΩ ESR
LiCAP 160V 6F Module with 200 mΩ ESR