Diesel 12v or 24v UltraCap Battery Booster 3800A of Power

Switch From 12V to 24V in One Compact Package

Restart large on-road and off-road Diesel engines with our UltraCap Booster.  3800A peak starting power at 12V and 1900A peak starting power at 24V.  220V charger built in with display functions.  All this power in just 34 lbs.  No more towing a 200 lb. battery cart in the field to jump start construction equipment or fleet vehicles.  No more collection of dead jump packs that fail after just a few starts.

Why is this better than a $400.00  jump starter found online?

1.  Ultracapacitors work from -40℉ to +149℉ (-40℃ to +65℃) in normal operation with no degradation.  Lead acid technologies work best at room temperature but lose significant power in cold as well as hot conditions.  Lithium technologies work in more temperature ranges than lead acid (0℃-45℃) but are explosively sensitive to moisture and fail with deep discharges. 

2.  The ultracapacitors in this unit are designed to last 15 years or 1 million cycles in normal operation -40℉ to +149℉ (-40℃ to +65℃).

3.  Our Booster is 25% lighter than lead acid based boosters.

4.  Our recharge time is less than 3 minutes from the included internal charger or a good battery.

5.  Discharge our unit to minimum voltage as often as needed without degradation.  Lead acid technology and lithium ion batteries can fail with just a few deep discharges.

6.  No chance of runaway melting battery or nasty chemical spills as ultracapacitors are not chemically driven, they operate through advanced physics.  

Electrical Performance

24V300F--Maximum peak current--1900A 

12V1200F--Maximum peak current--3800A

Internal resistance--ESR(Initial)

24V 300F--3.5mΩ

12V 1200F--0.88mΩ


Maximum continuous current



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LICAP Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium ultracapacitor cells and ultracapacitor modules.

12-24V Diesel Start Booster
12-24V Diesel Start Booster
Drawing for illustrative purposes only and  values subject to change without notice.

Drawing for illustrative purposes only.