90V 9.6F ultracapacitor Wind Turbine Pitch module

Low Internal Resistance Releases More Power

LiCAP's new wind turbine pitch control modules utilize our 2.7V 350F cell to create a high performance system that offers an industry leading power profile.  Power is a trademark of ultracapacitors and a big reason why they dominate pitch control design in wind turbines.  In the case of ultracapacitors, power is determined by dividing voltage over ESR.  Low ESR, therefore, creates more power.  


Rated Voltage:    90V

Surge Voltage:    102V

Capacitance:    9.6F

Internal Resistance (DC ESR):    120 mΩ(initial)

Maximum Peak Current:    204A

Stored Energy(Estored):    12.6 Wh

Weight:    7kg (15.4 lbs.)

Height:    286mm (11.35")

Width:    108mm (4.3")

Depth:    290mm (11.5")

90V 9.6F Wind Turbine Pitch Control Module
90V 9.6F Wind Turbine Pitch Control Module

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LICAP 85V and 90V Pitch Modules 2019 (pdf)