Multi format LiCAP Activated Dry Electrode for ultracapacitors, lithium ion capacitors and batteries

LICAP Patented activated dry electrode

The Electrode is the Key Component of a Supercapacitor or Ultracapacitor and Lithium Ion Batteries

LICAP is a manufacturer of Activated Dry Ultracapacitor Electrode, Activated Dry Lithium Ion Capacitor Electrode and Activated Dry Battery Electrode.  The key element of an ultracapacitor is the electrode.  Our patented  Activated Dry Electrode incorporated into a quality capacitor can design surpasses the best ultracapacitors on the market in key specifications such as DC & Cycle Life, low ESR, and high capacitance.  


Other processes trap binder and solvents in the electrode.  The electrode material  never gets completely "dry" or free of excess binder and solvent.  In the long term under heavy use or heat, slurry based or extruded electrodes--even ones made with graphene and nano tubes, will eventually release gas and fail.  LiCAP's Activated Dry Electrode product has no solvent or unneeded binder present which allows it to extend life and performance substantially even over other dry electrode products.  

United States Patent 10,069,131

Zhong, Linda

September 4, 2018

United States Patent 9,236,599

Zhong, Linda

January 12, 2016


LICAP offers a world leading blend of performance and innovation.  The key element is our industry leading electrode.  LICAP Activated Dry Electrode combines manufacturing efficiency with low ESR, High Capacitance, and incredible DC & Cycle Life.  Our industry leading electrode manufacturing process creates a superb bonding that will withstand years of aggressive use.  The proof is in the results.  LICAP consistently outperforms the competition in all of the critical specifications.



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