A lithium-ion or asymmetrical capacitor is much like an ultra capacitor or super capacitor with the addition of higher rated voltage (3.8V), two or more times the stored energy and a low self discharge rate similar to that of a lithium-ion battery.  Ultracapacitors are made up of two layers of double-sided electrode.  The electrode is made with carbon laminated to both sides of an aluminum foil.  The two layers are then rolled together and sealed in a can with special electrolyte.  Lithium-ion capacitors (LIC) have a similar double sided carbon laminated aluminum foil cathode along with a double sided graphinic laminated copper foil anode doped with small amounts of lithium sealed in a can with special electrolyte.  

Lithium-ion or Asymmetrical Capacitor Advantages:

  • 3.8V per cell
  • 500,000 cycle life 
  • Fast Charge and Discharge
  • Low Self Discharge similar to a lithium-ion battery
  • Two or more times the stored energy of an ultracapacitor
  • Broad operating temperature range of -20℃ to 70℃

3.8V 200F and 800f Lithium-Ion Capacitors


Our signature product, LICAP’s Lithium-Ion Capacitor (LIC) has 2-3 times the energy density of standard ultracapacitor products while maintaining a high (up to 50C) charge and discharge rate compared to lithium-ion batteries (LIB).  Like ultracapacitors, our LIC products will also operate for over 500,000 cycles, with a calendar life greater than 10 years. 

Compared to a typical LIB, the LICAP LIC has similar operating voltages, similar self-discharge, is inherently safer, and 1000 times the cycle performance.  

This is our first product in the category and we are currently developing a range of new LIC cells from 3.8V 800F to 3.8V 4500F to follow this year.  These products are all made possible by our industry leading  Activated Dry Electrode.


Rated Voltage 3.8V Minimum 2.2V / Max 4.2V for 1 second.

Operating temperature range  -20°C - 70°C

Capacitance:    200F, Minimum Initial Capacitance--170F

DC ESR:    30mΩ

DC ESR Max:    50mΩ

Energy Density:   8.8 Wh/kg

Max Energy Density:    13.4 Wh/kg

Power Density--Pmax:     3,167 W/kg

Self Discharge Voltage drop < 5% After 3 months at 25°C

Cell size--Cylindrical 18x65mm (18650) Without Button Terminal


*These values are typical and can change without notice

LICAP cells are manufactured entirely in our Sacramento, California facility..

18650 3.8V 200F Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC)
18650 3.8V 200F Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC)